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Thank you Roni Jäppinen

Let me introduce myself, I’m Roni Jäppinen Suonenjoki, from a small town, in North Savo. Suonenjoki is also known as the strawberry capital of Finland. Hard of hearing guy with cut inner ear implants.

I am a practical nurse by training and no, I do not work the leather, multi-pea pull the nose for it. In fact, I would think leather could be invigorating compared to the age-old sister of thin whites. Leather lasts better and nowadays you get color than color.

What about my world of values? It is guided by the double commandment of love: Love your neighbor as you would love yourself, do not judge not to be judged.

What comes in myself, I always idealise cowboy .. As I approached puberty, the skin of my interest first began to interest in boots, chapss and cowboy hats. From leather pants. Everything happened to me gradually. Dare and deed are things you have to face. The road eventually took me to Helsinki, where I lived for about 20 years. The years included good and bad.

I rest of the acts of sexuality btm and submissive. My fetish: I admired cowboys romantically, leather: would you find a sharper grip? And Boots. I also like U.S. police uniforms. My role models are mainly Oberli Werner and Marcus Kapp.

Why do I want the title of Mr Leather Hamburg? I want to do my part for MSC Hamburg. We are part of the EU and the rest of the world. It is time to give MSC Hamburg more international visibility. The boundaries are starting to disappear and we in the Leather / Fetish family know no boundaries. We are one big family.
The fact that I am Finnish, may even be an advantage.

Those who are elected Mr are front-line soldiers. Our task then is to give information to the ignorant. We are like anyone else. We eat, sleep, cry, laugh and love where everyone else does. We are not much different from the others. The mission of the Mr is to dispel prejudices, unnecessary aggression, and to provide information to those who do not have it. We are also pioneers and role models for anyone who appreciates the same things today and for those who come after us.

Roni Jäppinen
MSc Hamburg e.V. member.
MSC Finland-Tom´s Club (a board member)

Thank you Darek Kraft

My name is Darek Kraft and I’ve always had one dream: to be Mr Leather. I am 46 years old and Spanish. I’ve lived in Hamburg for seven years and love this city. I am the father of a daughter and by profession I am a personal trainer and manager in a Spanish restaurant: I am also a bartender and waiter myself, I am a trainer and instructor for bartenders and waiters. Hamburg gave me a new life and also awakened my love for leather as my fetish.

In addition, I am a porn actor, which I actually always wanted to be. Hamburg made a new person out of me; here I have grown as a person.

I’ve always had a dream: to be Mr. Leder. But not for my ego: rather for Hamburg, for the MSC association, which was the first aid for me and gave me my first colleagues in Hamburg.

And, yes: I had a dream: to be able to help lgtb people as a positive example and to be able to help lgtb colleagues who were not lucky enough to help people who are discriminated against because of their sexual orientation, race or religion.

I had a dream: to be Mr. Leather, TO HELP. And when I am committed to something, I feel that it is right, honest and true because I put my soul and my heart into it. I wish MSC can be proud of me.