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Dear Hamburgers and Hamburgers by choice!

I myself am one of those who have fallen in love with this great city: with its friendliness, cosmopolitanism and nature – including, of course, the water. I have lived here since 2010, but my roots are on the other side of the pond. But that’s what Hamburg is good at: connecting us all to a home port.

My name is Christian and one of the things I enjoy is riding my motorcycle. I dare to say that I always do it in leather. Mostly in full gear: sometimes in a leather suit, sometimes “only” in leather pants, biker jacket and boots. For me it simply belongs together. The feeling of freedom when riding a motorcycle paired with the feel and look of the leather I find great.

The reason why I am now running for Mr. Leather at the MSC Hamburg is almost a logical consequence of what makes me tick. However, I still have one wish. And that is to encourage others to give free rein to their identity: their hobbies, needs, preferences and why not their fetishes, as long as it doesn’t harm anyone else. I am convinced that it is only good for a person to develop in full, to live more freely, no matter what age or stage of life. I wish, with my 42 years, to encourage you a little bit to this.

See you soon,

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Darek Kraft

My name is Darek Kraft and I’ve always had one dream: to be Mr Leather. I am 46 years old and Spanish. I’ve lived in Hamburg for seven years and love this city. I am the father of a daughter and by profession I am a personal trainer and manager in a Spanish restaurant: I am also a bartender and waiter myself, I am a trainer and instructor for bartenders and waiters. Hamburg gave me a new life and also awakened my love for leather as my fetish.

In addition, I am a porn actor, which I actually always wanted to be. Hamburg made a new person out of me; here I have grown as a person.

I’ve always had a dream: to be Mr. Leder. But not for my ego: rather for Hamburg, for the MSC association, which was the first aid for me and gave me my first colleagues in Hamburg.

And, yes: I had a dream: to be able to help lgtb people as a positive example and to be able to help lgtb colleagues who were not lucky enough to help people who are discriminated against because of their sexual orientation, race or religion.

I had a dream: to be Mr. Leather, TO HELP. And when I am committed to something, I feel that it is right, honest and true because I put my soul and my heart into it. I wish MSC can be proud of me.