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Thorsten Wiedau

Fetish: Leather (whatelse), there is nothing better to wear and to feel it on your naked skin/on your body. I tested millitary, workwear and rubber too. I understand the other fetish styles but my heart is pumping for Leather. Sure, to wear Sportswear has an advantage, but the smell of leather and the inner sound of it makes me everytime totally crazy.
I am in love with leather and I am proud if it. I wear it with pride not only in the community or in the brotherhood of leather, I like to go into the center of the town in leather. I am animating others to do it in the same way. Here we are. Don’t be afraid. We have no fear to show it.

I am candidating for the title of Mr. Leather Hamburg 2020, because Leather needs a proud voice. Leather needs to be visible again. A voice for me is a voice for you in the brotherhood of leather 🖤




Uwe Langer

I am a classic leather man. Leather is just awesome. I am BLUF 1031. I have been a member of MSC Hamburg e.V. since 1989 and have been a member of the board for many years, including the chairman. The Hamburg Leatherparty is a matter close to my heart. In 2013 I was judge at IML in Chicago. I also live openly gay in family, job and trade union. I lived togehter with my John for 22 years, 6 years of it in civil partnership. John lost the fight against cancer. I have supported him to the end, also through intensive home care. A leather man can do that too. For me, leather is sex, love and a way of life and always in a strong community.
I want us leather men to be able to continue to meet in real terms, even across continents. The corona crisis will leave its mark on our leather scene. We have to work hard to preserve our living space. I would like to support preserving it and continue to support good and more acceptance for us in society as a whole.
I am a candidate for the 2020 Mr. Leather Hamburg contest. Please vote for me.