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Mr. Fetish Hamburg 2023:

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I am Steven, I am 29 years young.

I really like the fetish of rubber and leather, but I have NEVER dared to go outside with it.

I had the courage to take to the streets with rubber for the first time this year 2022, and I made it. I was on the Folsom for the first time and since I was told I am not alone, I should dare to take the step.

It was a very difficult step to make the walk from the hotel outside the door, so I also needed a familiar person who took me by the hand and said we would go out together, because without this person I would not have dared. It was an incredibly beautiful event, and for me I made a conclusion to live out more of my fetishes.

I would like to like new people who have exactly the same problem as not showing themselves alone in front of other people, then supporting people and helping them that it is not so bad. The first step is always difficult, but everyone starts.

I would like to win new people together with the MSC, where you are definitely safe.

That’s why I’m running for the Mister Fetish Hamburg 2023


Hello, my name is Nico, I am 45 years old and moved to Hamburg from the USA two years ago after a 6-year stay.  I’ve had a fetish for suits for a long time, but over the years I’ve found that I’m also extremely into leather, sportswear, wet look and shiny style.  I would like to become “MR. Fetish Hamburg” to show how diverse the MSC and Hamburg is.  I also travel a lot to fetish events and can therefore be a good representative for the MSC and the fetish scene.

 Your Nico

“Zum Flensburger Bar &Pub Hamburg”