Mr. Leather Europe 2020
Kandidat Joachim Beckert

Mr. Leather Europe 2020

Kandidat 2020

candidate 2020


Joachim Beckert

Hey, guys!

My name is Joachim, I am 57 years old and a proud Ledermann and currently live in the Wendland nearby Hamburg.

Professionally I work as a customs officer at the Central Custom Authority in Hamburg.
I only discovered my fetish leather at the age of 29 and gradually bought myself a piece of leather clothing, so I am a proud tailor-made CHiP leather uniform.

With my leather outfit, the obligatory Muri Cap as well as Dehner and Wesco Boots are also a must.
As Mr. Leather Hamburg 2018, I was very successful for the community in Germany, but this year I was especially happy to participate in the Europride 2019 in Vienna and to be part of the parade within the fetish and leather community at the LMC Vienna Hard On.

As a convinced European, I feel at home in all countries of this continent.